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Blackbird  (9m 15s)

Blackcap  (6m 37s)

Chaffinch  (5m 44s)

Cuckoo  (1m 31s)

Eagle Owl  (8m 58s)

Goldfinch  (7m 54s)

Great Spotted Woodpecker  (5m 24s)

Great Tit  (6m 52s)

Green Woodpecker  (5m 40s)

Little Owl  (7m 25s)

Hoopoe  (2m 16s)

House Sparrow  (51s)

Magpie  (4m 44s)

Nightingale  (13m 13s)

Jackdaw  (6m 21s)

Jay  (1m 50s)

Redstart  (7m 28s)

Robin  (8m 10s)

Tawny Owl  (5m 37s)

White Wagtail  (5m 8s)

All audio files are M4A AAC / Stereo / 44.1 kHz / 256 kbps

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